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Naked Girls by Xavier Ramonède

Naked Girls by XAV-Drawordie

Naked Girls by ~XAV-Drawordie
Digital Art / Drawings / People

via Naked Girls by ~XAV-Drawordie on deviantART.

Smurfette 1 by ~Lady-Godiva

Smurfette 1 by Flávia Güttler

Smurfette 1
by Flávia Güttler
Digital Art / Drawings / Fanart ©2005-2011 ~Lady-Godiva

via Smurfette 1 by ~Lady-Godiva on deviantART.

sleepy sunset days by ~greaterorlessthan

Sleepy Sunset Days by Natasha Szmidt

Art trade with ~Faye-ohki for the wonderful fantabulous squid plushie she made me 😀
— Natasha Szmidt

via sleepy sunset days by ~greaterorlessthan on deviantART.

Partitura 001 – Realtime sound visualisation

Realtime sound visualisation made with custom software “Partitura”Sound by Telefon Tel Aviv
an ongoing collaboration between Abstract Birds and Quayola

Partitura is a custom software built in vvvv to generate realtime graphics aimed at visualising sound.

Inspired by the studies of artists such as Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oscar Fischinger and Norman McLaren, the images generated by Partitura are based on a precise and coherent system of relationships between various types of geometries. The main characteristic of this system is its horizontal linear structure, like that of a musical score. It is along this linear environment that the different classes of abstract elements are created and evolve over time according to the sound. …

via Partitura 001 on Vimeo.

Megan Fox Inkscape wireframe

Megan Fox Inkscape wireframe by MadDrum (Luciano Lourenço)

Wireframe view of Inkscape vector illustration by Luciano Lourenço

All sizes | desenho_wireframe | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Latex Babes of Estros

Latex Babes of Estros - Space Quest

(from the computer game space quest IV) the hero is in an underwater cave and as a complete miracle escapes the latex dressed babes.

via latex-babes-of-estros – Photos – boeina on Xanga.

Me and my pet dinosaur by ~kit-t

Vector illustration of a pony-tailed woman in a tank-top running down a park path behind her leashed baby triceratops.

Digital Art / Vector / Conceptual ©2011 ~kit-t

My submission to the CSUF Graphic Services Department art show. The theme is “dinosaurs” 🙂

via Me and my pet dinosaur by ~kit-t on deviantART.

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