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Electus – Surreal 3D figurative art by Adam Martinakis

Electus - digital sculpture

Posted 12th October 2011
by Adam Martinakis

In his digital sculptures, Adam Martinakis takes generic three-dimensional human models, near mannequins, juxtaposing and intertwining the figures to elevate them to a surreal art. There is almost something old-school about his choice to relish the artificial and digital nature of it all, as he plays with unrealistic material effects and granularity to produce the most finished fragmented images. —S

via Electus.

“Pierced” Vinyl sculpture by Parra for Kidrobot

"Pierced" Vinyl sculpture by Parra

Vinyl sculpture of bird creatures necking

Dutch artist Parra shows a piercing necking between bird creatures in his 10-inch vinyl sculpture for Kidrobot.

via Juxtapoz Magazine – Parra x Kidrobot "Pierced" Vinyl sculpture.

The Wife of the Alchemist, 2008 – Thom Puckey

The Wife of the Alchemist - sculpture by Thom Puckey

The Wife of the Alchemist (Madame Flamel)
Sculpture by Thom Puckey
Statuaria marble, gold leaf, platinum leaf, pinewood.
Life size
Photos: Peter Cox
Wall painting: Jan van der Ploeg

via 2008 "THE WIFE OF THE ALCHEMIST" : Thom Puckey.

Rain on Behance

Rain by Nazar Bilyk

Rain, h-190 cm.Material: bronze, glass

via Rain on Behance.

Triumph – Sculpture by Kris Kuksi

Triumph - assembled sculpture by Kris Kuksi

Mixed Media Assemblage, Sculpture
78" x 110" x 30"
by Kris Kuksi

via Sculpture / Kris Kuksi.

Doll of Sirène from Devilman

Doll of the demon bird Sirène from Devilman

Doll created by Hizuki Doll
Sirène from the Devilman series
Ball-jointed doll of about 115cm

via DZ40始まりました! | Hizuki doll blog.

Cetonidae: Torynorhinna Flammae – Insect Lab

clock-work beetle

Cetonidae: Torynorhinna Flammae
Steel watch parts, gears, dials and winding knob
4"x4" dome

by Mike Libby

via Photos page 2 | Beetles | Collection | Insect Lab Studio.

In the Sound by Shintaro Ohata

In the Sound by Shintaro ohata

In the Sound - alternate angle

Hiroshima born artist, Shintaro Ohata. In an online exhibition called “Polaris” on Yukari Art.

“His paintings show us ordinary sceneries as dramas. He is also known for his characteristic style; placing sculptures in front of paintings, and shows them as one work, a combination of 2-D and 3-D world.”

via “Polaris”, 2D/3D Art Online Exhibition by Shintaro Ohata | Ten Bonbillion.

Rock Island by Takanori Aiba

The Rock Island with sunset | TAKANORI AIBA

The Rock Island
Chinese Suiseki with mixed media, 11.8″x 11.8″x 28.3″



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