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Dressing Rosalind Lutece by Claire Hummel

Bioshock's Rosalind Lutece in her drawers by Claire Hummel

… I figured I might as well give everyone a leg-up with a more detailed guide to Rosalind Lutece’s potential underthings. I’ve seen a ton of drawings of her in corsets from a good 50 years before her time and I… I needed to step in.

The idea of fan art leading to art based around popular fictional characters that is, at best risqué, and at worst downright pornographic is not a new phenomenon. We’ve rarely seen the original creator handle this reality with so much pragmatism or so much good character design and artwork. In this single one of several beautiful illustrations, illustrator Claire Hummel tells us how to undress Bioshock character Rosalind Lutece, accurately. —S

via Ligne Claire (So the problem with designing characters who…).

Hopper Meditations by Richard Tuschman

Richard Tuschman Images: 1st Place International Kontinent Awards!

Richard Tuschman’s series has been inspired by the works of American painter Edward Hopper.

Richard Tuschman Images: 1st Place International Kontinent Awards!.

Ariel by Svenja Jödicke

Ariel by Svenja Jödicke - mermaid

Ariel from The Little Mermaid
digitally painted in Photoshop
by Svenja Jödicke

via Ariel by =PixieCold on deviantART.

Beating the Heat by Pascal Campion

Redhead girl reading in a forest

Beating the Heat
Theme: Moments
Digital painting by Pascal Campion

via Pascal Campion | Work – Illustration.

Monsters And Dames 2010 by Natalie Nourigat

Girl and her sea-monster

Contribution to Emerald City Comicon’s Monsters & Dames fund-raising book.
Inked with a G-pen nib, colored digitally.

by Natalie Nourigat

via Monsters And Dames 2010 by ~Tallychyck on deviantART.

Agape – Skydoll Tribute by Maly Siri

Agape - Skydoll Tribute by Maly Siri

Mixed media on Arches satin paper
by Maly Siri
An interpretation of the character of Agape for an exhibition celebrating 10 years of the Skydoll comic.

via Maly Siri's PIN UP ART !- OFFICIAL PAGE: Skydoll Tribute.


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