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Dancing girls of Ajanta

Dancing girls of Ajanta - cave painting

Around 1918-1919, Mukul Dey made a trip to the Ajanta and Bagh caves to recreate the frescoes there. Dey’s circumstances were modest and the trip was funded by commissioned portraits. The work was eventually published in book form in 1925. “Dancing Girls” is possibly part of this or at least inspired by Dey’s trip given the costumes and hairstyles.

The paintings and artwork of the Buddhist caves of Ajanta remain a unique and colourful record of an ancient life that was. The people seem to emerge from rock fully formed and vibrant and this art style is one that has not been given enough credit as a major school in the history of the representation of the human figure in art. —S

via Vintage Indian Clothing | From dawn until late into the night I worked. By….

Surelee Joseph by Anushka Menon

Surelee Joseph photographed by Anushka Menon in silk scraves from Kundalini Arts

Vibrant silk and cashmere scarves from Kundalini Arts. shot by the photographer Anushka Menon and styled by Gautam Kalra.

Modeled by Surelee Joseph

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Vintage Route Map – Tata Airlines

Tata Airlines - Vintage route map - circa 1938-46

The Tata & Sons company ran a air service in pre-independence India. It was named Tata Airlines in 1938 and in 1946 was transformed into the state-controlled national carrier Air India that still flies today. This is a Route Map from the pre-1946 era.

Via The Routes – When Air India was Tata Airlines | Rakhi Rajani.

The Gaikwar Elephant, Baroda – Indian Elephant Art

Gaikwar Elephant - Indian elephant drawing

The Gaikwar Elephant. Baroda. (ca. 1904-1911)
[Cigarette cards.] / Indian series

via The Gaikwar Elephant. Baroda – ID: 1647133 – NYPL Digital Gallery.

Garuda, Vishnu and Laxmi

Garuda, Vishnu and Laxmi - Indian miniature painting

Narayana (Vishnu) riding on Garuda with Shri Lakshmi
Painting; Watercolor, Opaque watercolor, gold, and silver on paper
circa 1730
Unknown artist from Bundi, Rajasthan, India

via File:Garuda Vishnu Laxmi.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.

Eucalyptus by Subramaniam Ananthanarayanan

Eucalyptus by Subramaniam Ananthanarayanan

These are government maintained Eucalyptus plantations. They plant the trees in long, neat lines which makes for interesting compositions.
Location: Hyderabad
Photographer: Subramaniam Ananthanarayanan

via Eucalyptus | Nice Happened.

Copper House II by Studio Mumbai

Indian Architecture - Copper House II

Copper House II

Architects: Studio Mumbai
Location: Chondi, Maharashtra, India
Principal Architect: Bijoy Jain
Project Team: Jeevaram Suthar, Punamchand Suthar, Pandurang Malekar
Structural Engineer: Dwijen Bhatt
Photographs: Courtesy of Studio Mumbai

via Copper House II / Studio Mumbai | ArchDaily.


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