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Caitlyn (cosplay League of Legends)

Caitlyn (cosplay League of Legends)

Cosplay Character: Caitlyn
Universe: League of Legends
Cosplayer: Nephie (Charlie Dodgson)
Photographer: Kattanzz

via Caitlyn (cosplay League of Legends) by ~eiphen on deviantART.

Ophelia Olive – Topless in Plaid

Topless in Plaid - Ophelia Olive

Ophelia Olive is the model alter-ego of photographer Nekole Kemelle, who does her own fashion shoots starring herself.

via Ophelia Olive's Originals.

Silicone & fiberglass sculpture by Colin Christian

Full Beam, fiberglass and silicone, 20 x 18 inches
Full Beam, fiberglass and silicone, 20 x 18 inches

Gia'a and Colin>
Gia’a and Colin

by Colin Christian

via Welcome to Colin

Orchidea Luxuria by *Ophelias-Overdose

Orchidea Luxuria by Ophelias Overdose

Photographer: j-maya photography
Orchid Hat: Les Incroyables
Model and Bodypainter: : Ophelia Overdose:

via Orchidea Luxuria by *Ophelias-Overdose on deviantART.

Pyla by Anaël Joly

Celine F by Anaël Joly

by Anaël Joly

Personal work with Celine F at Pyla (Arcachon), 2010
Hair & Make-up : Caroline Sadoc & Elodie Testet

via Pyla | Because passion gives a different world view ….

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