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Agape – Skydoll Tribute by Maly Siri

Agape - Skydoll Tribute by Maly Siri

Mixed media on Arches satin paper
by Maly Siri
An interpretation of the character of Agape for an exhibition celebrating 10 years of the Skydoll comic.

via Maly Siri's PIN UP ART !- OFFICIAL PAGE: Skydoll Tribute.

King Kong V. Godzilla by *strongstuff

King Kong Vs Godzilla vector art poster

king kong v. godzillaby by *strongstuff
Giant japanese monster poster in vector by Tom Whalen

via king kong v. godzilla by *strongstuff on deviantART.

Donkey Kong by *Ry-Spirit

Donkey Kong digital art by Ryan Shiu

Donkey Kong by *Ry-Spirit
Ryan “Ry-Spirit” Shiu is a Sydney based digital artist.

via Donkey Kong by *Ry-Spirit on deviantART.

Horo by ~simosi

Horo nude - from Wolf & Spice

Horo the wolfgirl
from Wolf and Spice
digital painting by Simosi

via horo by ~simosi on deviantART.

Ahri with chocolate

Ahri with chocolate - erotic illustration

Ahri, The 9 Tails Fox
League of Legends fanart
by Brian King (~LasterKing)

via Ahri with chocolate. by ~LasterKing on deviantART.

Ahri Cosplay by Miyuko

Ahri from League of Legends cosplayed by Miyuko from Spcats

Kang Yun Jin AKA Miyuko from the South Korean cosplay group Spcats (short form of spiral cats) cosplays as Ahri from League of Legends

via Ahri Cosplay.

Girls Generation/SNSD Cake

SNSD Cake - kpop

The cake was made by SNSD’s fans to celebrate the release of SNSD’s Second album "OH!"!

via SNSD Cake! | LUUUX.

Thunder Power Rumble by Laemeur

thundercats vs he-man and she-ra by adam moore

“Another illo for the Power-Con/Thundercon special edition of cereal:geek. Pleased with the composition on this one; not quite as pleased with some of the execution.

Ink on paper, colours in GIMP.”

via Thunder Power Rumble by ~Laemeur on deviantART.

Jonny Quest Opening Titles in Stop Motion

In 1964, Jonny Quest aired to rave reviews as the first, adult action/adventure cartoon in prime time. It had cool jazz music by Hoyt Curtin and terrific, high contrast pen and ink design work by Doug Wildey. As an animator and long time JQ junkie, I had always wanted a set of Jonny Quest action figures but, due to high production costs, the show only lasted one season; not long enough to spawn any kind of serious toys or other merchandising tie-ins. So, almost 50 years later, I made my own. Here is my Valentine to one of the coolest, if not THE coolest, cartoons ever to spin up the imagination of a 53 year old man now going on six. Enjoy!

Roger Evans recreated the Jonny Quest opening sequence in stop motion animation. The result is quite pretty.

via Jonny Quest Opening Titles on Vimeo.


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