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The Decisive Moment – Henri Cartier-Bresson – documentary film

I started with painting, and drawing, and for me photography was a mean(s) of drawing. That’s all.

Immediate sketch, done with intuition, and you can’t correct it. …

For me it’s a physical pleasure, photography, doesn’t take much brains. Doesn’t take any brains, takes sensitivity, a finger and two legs.

… ‘Cause a camera is a weapon. You can’t prove anything, but at the same time, it is a weapon. It’s not a propaganda mean, photography, not at all, but it’s a way of shouting the way you feel.

You see, the camera, it can be a machine gun; It can be a psycho-analytical couch; it can be a warm kiss; It can be a sketch book, the camera.

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment is an 18-minute film produced in 1973 by Scholastic Magazines, Inc. and the International Center of Photography

via Henri Cartier-Bresson and the Decisive Moment | Open Culture.

Native women by Michael Muller

Expeditions by Michael Muller

Expeditions by MICHAEL MULLER

via Michael Muller.

3D Camera Mapping of Archive Photos in MOTALKO

MOTALKO is a documentary about the first Hungarian petrol station.Directed by Attila Kekesi, produced by Miklos Havas.Released in 2011.

Here, compositing and video artist Miklós Falvay presents some 3d camera-mapped scenes from the documentary. The modelling, texturing, and compositing was done in Blender 2.49.
created by: Miklós Falvay
layout artist: Domonkos Pinke


Andalusian horse performing passage

Animated picture of a horse performing passage

Andalusian horse performing passage
Source: eigene Aufnahmen

via File:Passage animated.gif – Wikimedia Commons.

Miru Kim – Photographers at Work

Ovation TV documentary directed by Albert Maysles … segment about Miru Kim

via Close up: Photographers at Work, Miru Kim segment on Vimeo.

Cavegirl: Nadia Cassini

Nadia Cassini as a cavegirl

cavegirl pictures from the catchily named Quando gli uomini armarono la clava e con le donne fecero din-don.

via Cavegirls in Fur Bikinis!: Cavegirl: Nadia Cassini.


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