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Sinking Spheres by SPARTH (Nicolas Bouvier)

SPARTH - Sinking Spheres. 2013 personal artwork based on...

Sinking Spheres. 2013

personal artwork based on the use of squares, circles, and lines.

via SPARTH – Sinking Spheres. 2013 personal artwork based on….

Personal transport by Syd Mead – Sentury

Syd Mead - Sentury

Syd Mead, designer and artist, has been called many things. Concept artist, visual futurist, and near soothsayer of how our technological futures could look. This is from a book of his works, Sentury. A radical new layout and structural idea for personal transport.

via Inspiring and Creative People: Syd Mead – A real start !.

Tomb Raider 15 – Rebirth – by Andy Park

“It was such a treat to revisit Tomb Raider since I illustrated her adventures in the Top Cow comic book series over a decade ago. Typically, Lara is always shown as being supremely confident despite the odds she faces. Here I wanted to show trepidation and yet a confidence that is deep within but not fully realized. It was fun to be able to tackle the challenge of illustrating Lara in a similar way that I do in my day-to-day job as a concept artist for the film industry. I had nothing but fun.” – Andy Park

All sizes | “Rebirth” by Andy Park | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.


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