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Virgin Dreams

“Catherine Deneuve in a classic still from Roman Polanski’s psychological tour de force Repulsion (1965)”
via Exploit The Masses: Virgin Dreams.

Cavegirl: Julie Ege 3

“Hammer were very keen to repeat the success of One Million Years BC (1966) and realised that most of the appeal of the latter film was Raquel Welch. Keen to find a new starlet with the same impact as Welch Hammer Films managed to persuade Columbia pictures to finance a third prehistoric film.

“Almost exactly forty-one years ago, on April 29th 1970, they launched a campaign to find the “Screen’s New Sex Symbol of the Seventies”  Columbia helped with the world-wide marketing of the competition and over 2,000 girls applied.  280 were chosen to be interviewed by Hammer boss James Carreras and, in June, 24 year old Julie Ege was announced as the winner.”

via Cavegirls in Fur Bikinis!: Cavegirl: Julie Ege 3.

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