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How To Think More About Sex – Alain de Botton

Not surprisingly, the brain plays a much larger role in de Botton’s suggestions than in your typical Cosmopolitan-type fare. But it’s not all grey matter. Sex is symbolically purifying, he notes, due to the unclean nature of what’s being entrusted to another person’s mouth.

In his typically cerebral and utterly human fashion, philosopher Alain de Botton tackles the subject of sex as part of a promotion for his book How To Think More About Sex. His suggestions are both more frank and revealing while also being a lot less nuts and bolts than the usual sort of advice one hears on the subject. —S

via Philosopher Alain de Botton’s Top Tips for Super Hot Sex | Open Culture.

Arena profiles photographer Robert Mapplethorpe – 1988

The BBC’s Arena programme covers Robert Mapplethorpe’s life and controvercial work. It includes a conversation with Patti Smith, noted rocker and one of the photographer’s closest friend, along with various people who posed for him.

via The Life and Controversial Work of Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe Profiled in 1988 Documentary | Open Culture.

John Cleese on Creativity

Circa 1991, John Cleese of Monty Python fame was called upon to give a lecture on creativity. In this wonderfully serious and delightfully humorous lecture he delves into what science has learnt about creative ability, tying in cultural norms and comedic timing. Cleese lays out "the 5 factors that you can arrange to make your lives more creative".

via John Cleese on Creativity – YouTube.

How Ink Is Made

A Chief Ink Maker shows how colour and ink is created from the raw ingredients–powder, varnish, and passion. Everything designers and printers need to know about the process, the challenges and joy of ink making.

Presented by Peter Welfare, president and head inkmaker, The Printing Ink Company.

Written and produced by Ian Daffern
Directed and Edited by Tate Young
Photographed by Tony Edgar

Via How Ink Is Made – YouTube.

Whale Fall (after life of a whale) for Radiolab

When a whale dies, the story has just begun.

Directed by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman for Sweet Fern Productions []

Director of Photography: Artem Agafonov
Music by Rachel’s []

A video compliment to Radiolab’s ‘Loops’ episode, in collaboration with producer Lynn Levy []

via Whale Fall (after life of a whale) [Radiolab] on Vimeo.

Type On Screen by Erik Spiekermann

Creative Morning Berlin #13: Erik Spiekermann
Erik Spiekermann gives a 20 minute introduction to Type On Screen.

via Creative Morning Berlin #13: Erik Spiekermann on Vimeo.

TUI Weather Spot

TUI Weather Spot from Lucas Zanotto on Vimeo.

A campaign for the travel company TUI

Sound design: David Kamp
Assistant: Robert Loebel
Direction/Design/Animation: Lucas Zanotto
Tiny making-of:

via TUI Weather Spot on Vimeo.

3D Holographic Fashio Show by Tim Jockel

The new collection of German "Haute Couture" fashion designer Stefan Eckert presented as the world’s first complete 3D holographic fashion show. Including 3D to motion graphics and compositing to create one of the biggest holographic projections ever.

via Tim Jockel | Portfolio.

Megan Fox for Emporio Armani Underwear & Jeans

Full length version of the SS11 Emporio Armani Underwear & Jeans campaign featuring Megan Fox shot by Mert & Marcus.

via Megan Fox for Emporio Armani Underwear & Jeans SS11 in Exit to Eden on Vimeo.

Rachele Schank by Khoa Bui

Photography/Video – Khoa Bui
Model – Rachele Schank
Wardrobe – Deanna Richmond
MUA/Hair – Daniel Chinchilla
Assistant – Tyrone Lavigne
Song: Kraak en Smaak – Enzo

via on Vimeo.


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