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The Decisive Moment – Henri Cartier-Bresson – documentary film

I started with painting, and drawing, and for me photography was a mean(s) of drawing. That’s all.

Immediate sketch, done with intuition, and you can’t correct it. …

For me it’s a physical pleasure, photography, doesn’t take much brains. Doesn’t take any brains, takes sensitivity, a finger and two legs.

… ‘Cause a camera is a weapon. You can’t prove anything, but at the same time, it is a weapon. It’s not a propaganda mean, photography, not at all, but it’s a way of shouting the way you feel.

You see, the camera, it can be a machine gun; It can be a psycho-analytical couch; it can be a warm kiss; It can be a sketch book, the camera.

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment is an 18-minute film produced in 1973 by Scholastic Magazines, Inc. and the International Center of Photography

via Henri Cartier-Bresson and the Decisive Moment | Open Culture.

In the yard by Katerina Sokova

in the yard by Katerina Sokova

wedding 2011

Katerina Sokova is a photographer from Russia

via in the yard by ~sokova on deviantART.

Naked in Barcelona

naked in the streets of Barcelona

Naked in the streets of Barcelona
Decorative artistic nude photographs in color and black and white from an outdoor photo shooting in the streets of Barcelona.
Photo shoot by Daniel Bauer

via artistic outdoor nudes: naked in Barcelona.

GIF_itti « Broken Fingaz

Animated street grafitti gif

GIF_ITTI wall i did in London with my man Insa, the master of bootys!


Invisible Bicycles by Zhao Huasen

Invisible Bicycles

Bicycles photo manipulated out of images to create surreal urban photographs and street photography.
By artist Zhao Huasen

Via landscape,Colonization,Shanghai-Bund -Feizi Gallery.

Japanese Youth In Revolt, 1964 by Michael Rougier

Japanese Youth, 1964 - LIFE Magazine

LIFE magazine published some previously unseen photographs by Michael Rougier, shot in Tokyo in 1964. The moody black and white picture capture a tribe of pill-popping rebellious youth. It’s an interesting time-warm to a time and a generation finding itself confined within a culture of traditional conformity.

via Visual Feed: Teenage Wasteland – Japanese Youth In Revolt, 1964 | Acclaim.

Disco Taxi in Bombay

Disco Taxi in Bombay

Somewhere in South Bombay, surrounded by old stone buildings a century old, a taxi displays its disco-light tricks.


Jets, Beaches and Bikinis

 Jet Airliner #69 - Josef Hoflehner
Jet Airliner #69
JetBlue Embraer 190
Extremely Low Arrival from San Juan

Jet Airliner #53 - Josef Hoflehner
Jet Airliner #53
Spirit Airlines Airbus A319-100
Arriving from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jet Airliner
Real live-action wide-angle photographs
by Josef Hoflehner

via Josef Hoflehner Photographer | Jet Airliner.


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