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Kara’s Hair

kara neko

Kara’s hair.

via Creative Rehab.

RED – based on a true fairy tale

¨Based on a true fairy tale¨

As the silhouette of a lonely girl runs through the woods, something in the shadows is lurking her.

RED is an animated short film, which presents a new version of the classic tale ¨Little Red Riding Hood¨ by Charles Perrault. The directors Jorge Jaramillo and Carlo Guillot explore more thoroughly the drama, horror and realism of the story. A journey of feelings and moments, with visual and musical elements existing only to carry a clear and strong narrative.

In RED the directors based on traditional shadows animation, giving it a new perspective by using technology to create a new concept, while maintaining the visual and narrative force of the classic technique.

The production of the film was done almost entirely by the two directors and musician/composer Manuel Borda, who completed the story by reinforcing all emotions through it.

via RED on Vimeo.

Roza Abdurazakova by Joe Wehner

silhouette of nude woman with auburn hair

nude woman reclining in seat near window

Photography: Joe Wehner

via Roza Abdurazakova – Cake – Issue #5 of November 2011 | Bytemodels.

ROBERT RIGGS (1896 – 1970)

“Robert Riggs was awarded the Gold Medal for Excellence by the New York Art Directors Club for ten consecutive years and received many additional awards. He was elected to the Society of Illustrators’ Hall of Fame. His work is in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts and the U.S. Library of Congress.”


Paperbark/Melaleuca trees in Tasmania

Melaleuca trees in moonlight

The Moon is seen over the paperbark trees in Tasmania’s Narawntapu National Park. December 2005.

via File:Paperbark-trees-in-Tasmania.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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