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Silicone & fiberglass sculpture by Colin Christian

Full Beam, fiberglass and silicone, 20 x 18 inches
Full Beam, fiberglass and silicone, 20 x 18 inches

Gia'a and Colin>
Gia’a and Colin

by Colin Christian

via Welcome to Colin

Extra Moenia by Matteo Pugliese

Reflex by Matteo Pugliese

Il Riflesso – Reflex
cm 41x39x13 Bronze
2005 Edition 7+3

via 2005-2008.

Yeild by Roxy Paine

Stainless steel tree sculpture

Stainless steel tree sculpture

Installation of Yield, 2011
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, AK
Photo: Sheila Griffin

via Roxy Paine – Selected Works – James Cohan Gallery.

Wood sculpture by Yasuhiro SAKURAI

Cypress wood sculpture of a woman's head with detailed hair by Yasuhiro Sakurai

Yasuhiro SAKURAI

2008 cypress, enamel 530 x 350 x 240mm

via Galleria Grafica Tokio.

Bernhard Leitner – Sound Spaces

diagram of sound installation by bernhard leitner

sound installation by bernhard leitner

‘Bernhard Leitner is considered a pioneer of the art form generally referred to as “sound installation.” He introduced sound to the installation space, allowing the installation space to emerge through the sound.’

via Bernhard Leitner: Sound Spaces | ArchDaily.

Song Birds – Mullanium by Jim & Tori

Bird with plume on vintage alphabet blocks

BD64- 5 1/2 in L x 6 in H – Multi colored bird with plume on vintage blocks

via Song Birds – Mullanium by Jim & Tori.

Spomenik in Podgaric by Dušan Džamonja

Soviet war monument (Spomenik) at Podgaric

Soviet era World War II memorial (spomenik) in Podgarić, in Croatia. Sculpture by Dušan Džamonja (January 31, 1928 – January 14, 2009), a Croatian sculptor of Macedonian origin.

via File:Spomenik revoluciji-Podgaric.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.

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