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Paperclip computer – CT-650 computer trainer

Paperclip computer - CT-650 computer trainer

These are the retro stylings of a surviving example of the Arkay (later Comspace) CT-650 computer trainer, a historic computing device designed mostly as an educational tool and build almost entirely based on the plans in a book titled How to Build a Working Digital Computer.

How To Build a Working Digital Computer, published in 1968, provided instructions and plans for constructing a working digital computer out of household parts including paper clips for switches. The book can still be accessed in digital form at here:

via How to Build a Working Digital Computer… out of paperclips | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

Dark Matter/Dark Energy by Ona Pitschka

Dark Matter/ Dark Energy - graphic cosmology illustration

Dark Matter/ Dark Energy
Part of a final illustration thesis project titled Violent Cosmos. Consisted of graphic illustrations personifying various cosmological concepts in striking duo-tone compositions.
by Ona Zelda Pitschka

via Ona Pitschka – GALLERY.

Vintage National Geographic

Vintage National Geographic

Lab at the University of Chicago simulating the motion of a parent cloud that creates a tornado funnel

National Geographic | April 1972

via Vintage National Geographic.

Whale Fall (after life of a whale) for Radiolab

When a whale dies, the story has just begun.

Directed by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman for Sweet Fern Productions []

Director of Photography: Artem Agafonov
Music by Rachel’s []

A video compliment to Radiolab’s ‘Loops’ episode, in collaboration with producer Lynn Levy []

via Whale Fall (after life of a whale) [Radiolab] on Vimeo.

Helium – Visions by Mark Zug

Helium by Mark Zug

by Mark Zug

The first of the Noble Gases, Helium is named from the Greek root helios, meaning sun. As a gas it is buoyant in air, entirely benign in the body, and does not freeze at any temperature we can devise. Her emission spectrum is a rosy vermillion. Helium is useful for scientific experiments into superconductivity — the absence of electrical friction — and as a liquid it is a superfluid which will climb the walls of its container to escape. She is effortlessly powerful, radiant, benevolent, and not a little “above it all.” The opposite number to Radon.

Via Mark Zug art and illustration – Visions, Lightly Fevered – Helium.

Wonderful Life With the Elements – A Periodic Table of People

Germanium by Benpei Yorifuji

In Wonderful Life With the Elements: The Periodic Table Personified, Japanese artist Benpei Yorifuji personifies every chemical element as a comic character. He goes further and differentiates them into groups by their fashion sense. For example, elements used in industrial application wear business attire. A fun, illustrated, fact-filled periodic table.

ViaWonderful Life With the Elements Imagines the Periodic Table as People | Underwire |

Scientists are awesome! by David Maclennan

Anna Fisher - astronaut - by David Maclennan

Anna Fisher: astronaut and chemist, and the first mother in space.
Part of Scientists are awesome! A portrait series.

via Scientists are awesome! on the Behance Network.

Tsunami comic book style

Tsunami comic book style infographic

Tsunami schema comic book style
* Drawn in Inkscape, touched up in The Gimp
* Drawn by Anthony Liekens

via File:Tsunami comic book style.png – Wikimedia Commons.

EDWARD – Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping

This project by students in the School of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Adelaide involved the construction of a human operated diwheel called EDWARD.

via YouTube – EDWARD – Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping.


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