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Susan Eldridge reading in bed by Terry Richchardson

Nude girl reading in bed - Susan Eldridge by Terry Richardson

Susan Eldridge reading a book, “Candy”, in bed. Shot by Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson has made a name for himself over the years by taking risqué pictures of fashion models and championing the head-on flash look as a now much sought after aesthetic. While some of his more stark fashion work is quite striking, it’s interesting to see that lighting style carried into more mundane settings. I this it works quite well, assigning a comfortable normalcy to a nude. —S

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Beating the Heat by Pascal Campion

Redhead girl reading in a forest

Beating the Heat
Theme: Moments
Digital painting by Pascal Campion

via Pascal Campion | Work – Illustration.

sleepy sunset days by ~greaterorlessthan

Sleepy Sunset Days by Natasha Szmidt

Art trade with ~Faye-ohki for the wonderful fantabulous squid plushie she made me 😀
— Natasha Szmidt

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Freeman Elliot

black & white monotone illustration of a woman holding glasses with an open book

Cosmopolitan magazine
Illustrated by Freeman Elliot
July 1955

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