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Woman of the sea – Carapalou

Woman of the sea

by Felipe Montecinos Espinoza

via Carapalou: Some drawings.

Devour by Christopher Jonasson

Investigation of worn-out fryingpans.

via Devour.

Owl Boy 2 by Alexandria Neonakis

Owl Boy 2 by beavotron

I decided to redo my old image, Owl Boy:

It really makes me feel good that I’ve improved this much in the past year 🙂

via Owl Boy 2 by ~beavotron on deviantART.

Paperbark/Melaleuca trees in Tasmania

Melaleuca trees in moonlight

The Moon is seen over the paperbark trees in Tasmania’s Narawntapu National Park. December 2005.

via File:Paperbark-trees-in-Tasmania.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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