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Cetonidae: Torynorhinna Flammae – Insect Lab

clock-work beetle

Cetonidae: Torynorhinna Flammae
Steel watch parts, gears, dials and winding knob
4"x4" dome

by Mike Libby

via Photos page 2 | Beetles | Collection | Insect Lab Studio.

Angelica flowerhead pattern

Patterned Angelica flowerhead

View from below of Angelica flowerhead. The flowerhead is roughly spherical; each part is similar to the whole head in having a stalk and its own sphere of flowers.
Date: 27 May 2012
Author: Chiswick Chap

via File:Angelica flowerhead showing pattern.JPG – Wikimedia Commons.

Raven by YunaArt

Yuna lives in Cologne, Germany and takes Self-Portraits.

via Raven by ~YunaArt on deviantART.

Fidelity by *NeopolitanDreams90

“I love dog’s eyes. They are so faithful (:” — via Fidelity by *NeopolitanDreams90 on deviantART.

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