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Dressing Rosalind Lutece by Claire Hummel

Bioshock's Rosalind Lutece in her drawers by Claire Hummel

… I figured I might as well give everyone a leg-up with a more detailed guide to Rosalind Lutece’s potential underthings. I’ve seen a ton of drawings of her in corsets from a good 50 years before her time and I… I needed to step in.

The idea of fan art leading to art based around popular fictional characters that is, at best risqué, and at worst downright pornographic is not a new phenomenon. We’ve rarely seen the original creator handle this reality with so much pragmatism or so much good character design and artwork. In this single one of several beautiful illustrations, illustrator Claire Hummel tells us how to undress Bioshock character Rosalind Lutece, accurately. —S

via Ligne Claire (So the problem with designing characters who…).

Finally Together by Valege Lingerie

Finally Together
by Valege Lingerie
A set of 3D animated advertisements for a push-up bra starring a pair of disembodied breasts.
from Wanda Productions

via VALEGE FRANCE by JACK on Vimeo.

No Love Lost by Agent Provocateur

“Gorgóne, or No Love Lost” by Agent Provocateur
A mysterious woman clad in black lingerie exits an hotel room leaving behind her lover.

» Cast: Laura Moure, Carolina Bona
» Director: Julien Zenier
» Director of Photography: David Acereto
» Music: “Rev 22:20 (Rev 4:20 Mix)” performed by Puscifer (Published by Puscifer Entertainment © 2007)
» Editor: Julien Zenier
» Titles Design and Animation: Cristo Aleister

via Agent Provocateur – L'Agent on Vimeo.

Super Sexy CPR

Original Video:

Fortnight Lingerie Presents Super Sexy CPR
Director / Cinematographer: CURTIS WEHRFRITZ

via Cafe Fantasy on Vimeo.

Lingerie & Swords

A Fashion Film for berlin based designer Thanh My Thai´s new Lingerie Collection.

Director: Frank Funke
DP: Jens Hallmann
MakeUp & Hair: Seçil Balamut
Models: Maria-Sophie, Lia Brucker

via Thanh My Thai 2011 on Vimeo.

“Nine to Go” Men’s Adventure magazine cover, c. 1968 by Mort Künstler

“Nine to Go” Men’s Adventure magazine cover, c. 1968 by Mort Künstler

“Nine to Go” Men’s Adventure magazine cover, c. 1968 by Mort Künstler

via #idonteven.


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