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Dancing girls of Ajanta

Dancing girls of Ajanta - cave painting

Around 1918-1919, Mukul Dey made a trip to the Ajanta and Bagh caves to recreate the frescoes there. Dey’s circumstances were modest and the trip was funded by commissioned portraits. The work was eventually published in book form in 1925. “Dancing Girls” is possibly part of this or at least inspired by Dey’s trip given the costumes and hairstyles.

The paintings and artwork of the Buddhist caves of Ajanta remain a unique and colourful record of an ancient life that was. The people seem to emerge from rock fully formed and vibrant and this art style is one that has not been given enough credit as a major school in the history of the representation of the human figure in art. —S

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Paperclip computer – CT-650 computer trainer

Paperclip computer - CT-650 computer trainer

These are the retro stylings of a surviving example of the Arkay (later Comspace) CT-650 computer trainer, a historic computing device designed mostly as an educational tool and build almost entirely based on the plans in a book titled How to Build a Working Digital Computer.

How To Build a Working Digital Computer, published in 1968, provided instructions and plans for constructing a working digital computer out of household parts including paper clips for switches. The book can still be accessed in digital form at here:

via How to Build a Working Digital Computer… out of paperclips | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

Garuda, Vishnu and Laxmi

Garuda, Vishnu and Laxmi - Indian miniature painting

Narayana (Vishnu) riding on Garuda with Shri Lakshmi
Painting; Watercolor, Opaque watercolor, gold, and silver on paper
circa 1730
Unknown artist from Bundi, Rajasthan, India

via File:Garuda Vishnu Laxmi.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.

Pop Surrealism by Isabel Samaras

Isabel Samaras - Gone Native (J.V. Mortarieu) , 2012

Book cover for On Tender Hooks: The Art of Isabel Samaras

Featured painting:
Gone Native (J.V. Mortarieu)
by Isabel Samaras

via Who the…? | i feel it too.

Japanese Youth In Revolt, 1964 by Michael Rougier

Japanese Youth, 1964 - LIFE Magazine

LIFE magazine published some previously unseen photographs by Michael Rougier, shot in Tokyo in 1964. The moody black and white picture capture a tribe of pill-popping rebellious youth. It’s an interesting time-warm to a time and a generation finding itself confined within a culture of traditional conformity.

via Visual Feed: Teenage Wasteland – Japanese Youth In Revolt, 1964 | Acclaim.

Bronze dui vessel with inlaid geometric cloud pattern

Bronze dui vessel

Description: Bronze dui vessel with inlaid geometric cloud pattern,Warring States period,found in Banjiugang,Zigui County,Hubei Province,China.Hubei Provincial Museum

中文: 嵌地几何云纹铜敦,战国时代,出土于湖北秭归斑鸠岗,湖北省博物馆藏。

via File:Bronze dui vessel with inlaid geometric cloud pattern.JPG – Wikimedia Commons.

The Sword Maker

Korehira Watanabe is one of the last remaining Japanese swordsmiths. He has spent 40 years honing his craft in an attempt to recreate Koto, a type of sword that dates back to the Heian and Kamakura periods (794-1333 AD).

via Handmade Portraits: The Sword Maker | The Etsy Blog.

15th century Egyptian anatomy of horse

Anatomy of a horse from 15th century Egypt

Anatomy of a horse from a 15th century AD Egyptian document at the University Library, Istanbul.

via File:15th century egyptian anatomy of horse.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.

The Adventure of Dalela & Zibak – VFX

A breakdown of the VFX in a new Arabic television series.
by Samran Abed Alsalam

The Adventure of Dalela & Zibak is HD entertainment Arabic Serial of two parts and i am the VFX artist .I am the only 3D artist i did all this work + Edit the Promo and all fighting scenes in this Serial and a many of postproduction shot. Blender and Apple Mac and my wife helped me a lot to finish this work :DI used 2 Mac pro and 1 Pc + Blender 2.49 for import camera tracking “VRML97″ and Blender 2.5X for 3D and Render, FinalCut And After Effects for final Compositing and matchmover 4 camera tracking.

via The Adventure of Dalela & Zibak at BlenderNation.


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