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Cat in a Hat by Rory Dobner

Cat in a Hat 3 by Rory Dobner - ink drawing

Cat in a Hat 3

Rory Dobner is an artist and designer whose pen drawings have a distinct flavour due to their very traditional rendering of unusual subjects. The cat in a hat is a series of images that are both striking and immediately ubiquitous. They have been used on a range of interior design an home furnishing products, which are quite the pleasure to hold and behold. —S

by Rory Dobner

via Cat in a Hat 3 | Rory Dobner.

Nude Men in Couture Hats by Giuliano Bekor

Nude Men in Couture Hats by Giuliano Bekor

Editorial: "Nude Men in Couture Hats"
Model: Carter C., Oren and Ryan, Nick Lacy, Cody Saintgnue
Photographer: Giuliano Bekor

via IF THIS WORLD WERE MINE: Nude Men in Couture Hats by Giuliano Bekor.

Helium – Visions by Mark Zug

Helium by Mark Zug

by Mark Zug

The first of the Noble Gases, Helium is named from the Greek root helios, meaning sun. As a gas it is buoyant in air, entirely benign in the body, and does not freeze at any temperature we can devise. Her emission spectrum is a rosy vermillion. Helium is useful for scientific experiments into superconductivity — the absence of electrical friction — and as a liquid it is a superfluid which will climb the walls of its container to escape. She is effortlessly powerful, radiant, benevolent, and not a little “above it all.” The opposite number to Radon.

Via Mark Zug art and illustration – Visions, Lightly Fevered – Helium.

Vietnam by Аndrey Razumovskiy

glamour nude - Vietnam by Аndrey Razumovskiy

Vietnam by ~razoomanet
Аndrey Razumovskiy

Photography / People & Portraits / Artistic Nude ©2009-2012 ~razoomanet

via Vietnam by ~razoomanet on deviantART.

Triumph – Sculpture by Kris Kuksi

Triumph - assembled sculpture by Kris Kuksi

Mixed Media Assemblage, Sculpture
78" x 110" x 30"
by Kris Kuksi

via Sculpture / Kris Kuksi.

Geometria by Olga Zavershinskaya

Geometria by Olga Zavershinskaya

Photographer: Olga Zavershinskaya
Model: Zuzana (model agency
in cooperation with Photostudio MTA Prague

via Geometria by *armene on deviantART.

Soya Suicide is a giant pothead!

Soya Suicide topless in the kitchen with a saucepan hat

Soya Suicide. Topless self-portrait in the kitchen with a saucepan on her head.

via ϟ • Soya Suicide is a giant pothead!.


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