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Honeysuckle – Money Pieces by Kristi Malakoff

Honeysuckle - Money Pieces - Polyhedra

Polyhedra Series – Honeysuckle
8 bills of foreign currency (Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Russia, Brazil, Peru)
2.3” x 2.3” x 2.3”

via Honeysuckle.

Equivalent Square from Rectangle

Equivalent square construction from a rectangle

This is the construction of a square that shares the area of a given rectangle. The red means two things: if there is only one red line on the frame, it means “This line is the radius that the just constructed circle has.” If there are two or more red lines on the frame, then it means “These radii must be equal to each other.”

via File:Equivalent Square Rectangle.gif – Wikimedia Commons.

John Whitney-Permutations 1966

“In PERMUTATIONS, each point moves at a different speed and moves in a direction independent according to natural laws’ quite as valid as those of Pythagoras, while moving in their circular field. Their action produces a phenomenon more or less equivalent to the musical harmonies. When the points reach certain relationships harmonic numerical to other parameters of the equation, they form elementary figures.”- John Whitney

via YouTube – John Whitney-Permutations 1966.

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