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Joe Kubert — Showcase #82 — May, 1969

cover to Showcase 82 May, 1969 by Joe Kubert featuring a knight with flaming sword, and maiden

Joe Kubert — Showcase #82 — May, 1969

The Pictorial Arts: A Saga.

Brainy and Kara by *R6655321

brainiac 5 and supergirl by ricken

“’70s DCU, Brainy and Kara in 30th century.”

via Brainy and Kara by *R6655321 on deviantART.

Lady Two-Face

meagan marie cosplay as lady two-face

“More Lady Two-Face shots, including the elusive full-body photo! See, I painted my foot, too!”

(Photos by Leonard Lee)

via Things I Like..

Matt Rhodes – Batman and Ivy

batman and poison ivy by matt rhodes

“This was really nothing more than a figure drawing exercise that got WAY out of control. Now it’s Batman and Poison Ivy. Batman is wearing a modified balistics mask and S.A.S. style gear.”

via Matt Rhodes: Batman and Ivy.

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