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Calligraphy on Girls – Tania

Calligraphy on Girls - Tania

Calligraphy on Girls // Tania
Calligraphy: Senia aka “Pokras Lampas”
Photo: Alexandr Popov aka “el Nalima”
Video: Fierce Frog
Model: Tata Aleksandrovna
Make up: Veronika Kalinina

The idea of painting and writing on the nude human figure is a very old one, with traditional dance forms in Japan including it and even modern art forms taking up their mantle, from films to photography. This collaboration between calligrapher, model and photograpger produces some striking images, and the process is its own meditation. Typography meets body adornement. A fashion trend I’d gladly see taking over. —S

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Festival Beshekel logo by Moshik Nadav Typography

Festival Beshekel logo by Moshik Nadav

Festival Be’shekel is an Israeli Music Festival that bring the best musicians and music concerts to the peripheral areas of Israel.

via Moshik Nadav Typography | Festival Beshekel – Typography project.

Kusho by Shinichi Maruyama

High-speed photograph of a frozen moment as water and black-ink splash into each other

Kusho by Shinichi Maruyama, is a series of photographs of frozen interaction between black ink and water in the air. Splashes, drops, streams and torrents mixing and colliding.

Shinichi Maruyama.

The Art of Hermann Zapf on Vimeo

A film on the purpose and techniques of calligraphy. Presented and produced by Hallmark. Filmed at Hallmark cards during a visit by Mr. Zapf. Production manager Noel Gordon. Script outline Peter Seymour. Script editor Richard Rhodes. Camera Direction Frank Robinson. Associate cameraman Heinz Burger. Idea and direction Harald Peter.

via The Art of Hermann Zapf on Vimeo.

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