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Calligraphy on Girls – Tania

Calligraphy on Girls - Tania

Calligraphy on Girls // Tania
Calligraphy: Senia aka “Pokras Lampas”
Photo: Alexandr Popov aka “el Nalima”
Video: Fierce Frog
Model: Tata Aleksandrovna
Make up: Veronika Kalinina

The idea of painting and writing on the nude human figure is a very old one, with traditional dance forms in Japan including it and even modern art forms taking up their mantle, from films to photography. This collaboration between calligrapher, model and photograpger produces some striking images, and the process is its own meditation. Typography meets body adornement. A fashion trend I’d gladly see taking over. —S

via Calligraphy on Girls // Tania | Facebook.

War Girl by Randis Albion

Fantasy War Girl by Randis Albion

War Girl by ~randis
Digital painting of a fantasy amazon war-girl on the battle field, in the nude.

via War Girl by ~randis on deviantART.

Pop Surrealism by Isabel Samaras

Isabel Samaras - Gone Native (J.V. Mortarieu) , 2012

Book cover for On Tender Hooks: The Art of Isabel Samaras

Featured painting:
Gone Native (J.V. Mortarieu)
by Isabel Samaras

via Who the…? | i feel it too.

Orchidea Luxuria by *Ophelias-Overdose

Orchidea Luxuria by Ophelias Overdose

Photographer: j-maya photography
Orchid Hat: Les Incroyables
Model and Bodypainter: : Ophelia Overdose:

via Orchidea Luxuria by *Ophelias-Overdose on deviantART.

Dot contour portraits by MIHARU MATSUNAGA

Dot contour portrait of a woman by Miharu Matsunaga

Dot contour portrait of a male torso by Miharu Matsunaga

Graduation Work by Miharu Matsunaga

松永美春 – HAMI
Designer, Artist, Photographer


Body Painting by Guido Daniele

Suhame with body painting by Guido Daniele

Body Painting by Guido Daniele

via Guido Daniele | Art.

Reca Group 2010

Tyson Beckford for the Reca Group

Reca Group’s advertising campaign for Spring/Summer 2010 celebrates beauty in its absolute form.  Reca Group is a company leader in designing labels, hangtags and cool accessories, fundamental signs for the visible identity of clothing.

Model: Tyson Beckford
Art Direction: Antonio Salzano
Makeup & Body Painting: Guido Daniele & Ginevra Daniele

via Fashion identity on the Behance Network.

Daisy Lowe by Ben Rayner for Futureclaw

Daisy Lowe by Ben Rayner

Cover of Futureclaw Issue 4
Model: Daisy Lowe
Photographer: Ben Rayner
Stylist: Jem Goulding,

via News.

Smurfette 4 by ~Buddha-for-Mary

Smurfette 4 - nude portrait of a woman

by Ceres
Shutter Speed:1/30 second
Focal Length:28 mm
ISO Speed:250
Date Taken:Mar 19, 2009, 9:37:08 PM

via Smurfette 4 by ~Buddha-for-Mary on deviantART.

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