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Electus – Surreal 3D figurative art by Adam Martinakis

Electus - digital sculpture

Posted 12th October 2011
by Adam Martinakis

In his digital sculptures, Adam Martinakis takes generic three-dimensional human models, near mannequins, juxtaposing and intertwining the figures to elevate them to a surreal art. There is almost something old-school about his choice to relish the artificial and digital nature of it all, as he plays with unrealistic material effects and granularity to produce the most finished fragmented images. —S

via Electus.

Finally Together by Valege Lingerie

Finally Together
by Valege Lingerie
A set of 3D animated advertisements for a push-up bra starring a pair of disembodied breasts.
from Wanda Productions

via VALEGE FRANCE by JACK on Vimeo.

Toy Series One – Yum Yum London

Toy series by Yum Yum London

A little bit of happiness for your desk 🙂

via Yum Yum – Blog. – Toy Series One.

EVA Main Titles by Dvein

Direction & Animation: Dvein
Renderfarm: Renderfarm Solution
Music: Evgueni Galperine & Sacha Galperine
Sound Design: Oriol Tarragó

via Dvein // EVA 'Main Titles' on Vimeo.

3D Holographic Fashio Show by Tim Jockel

The new collection of German "Haute Couture" fashion designer Stefan Eckert presented as the world’s first complete 3D holographic fashion show. Including 3D to motion graphics and compositing to create one of the biggest holographic projections ever.

via Tim Jockel | Portfolio.

Miku *TDA by ~Doggnchris

Miku by Chris Martin

Render by Chris Martin

Posed with Zbrush

Rendered in Cinema 4d

model Miku append by TDA

via Miku *TDA by ~Doggnchris on deviantART.


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