Animated phenakistoscope pictures of a waltzing couple

CREATOR Muybridge, Eadweard, 1830-1904, artist.
TITLE The zoopraxiscope – a couple waltzing No. 35., title from item.
SUMMARY Images on a disc which when spun gives the illusion of a couple dancing.
MEDIUM 1 print : lithograph, color.
CREATED/PUBLISHED c1893 14699Y U.S. Copyright Office. Copyright by Eadweard Muybridge expired.
SUBJECTS Dance–1890-1900; Locomotion–1890-1900; Optical illusions–1890-1900.
FORMAT Optical toys 1890-1900; Lithographs Color 1890-1900.Exhibited at “Moving Pictures : The Un-easy Relationship between American Art and Early Film” at the Williams College of Art, MA, and other venues, 2005-2007.

via File:Phenakistoscope 3g07690d.gif – Wikimedia Commons.

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