Beautiful 3D architectural animation blended with typographic flourish of the planetarium in Bogota Columbia, built in 1969.

This animation is an exercise to explore whit 3D and typography. We used a 3d model of this beautiful building (made by Andrea Stinga), and make a simple animation showing how structure is assembled. I decided to make all the renders really white and clean, because I wanted to get close to an infographic style.

In the second stage of the project, I decided to tell a few things about this building, for this reasons I design some compositions with two of my favorite fonts: Gotham for the text, and Avant Garde for the numbers. I choose these fonts especially by the shape of the letter O and de number 0 (zero), because is close to de shape of the planets, the reason why of this building.

It was 10 days of renders, animation, design and composition

It was made in Cinema 4D, and all the post in After Effects.

Art Direction, Animation And Compositing: Federico Gonzalez

3D Modeling and Lighting: Andrea Stinga
Music: Bomba Estereo / Aguasalá

via Bogota’s Planetarium on Vimeo.

Viva La Resolucion