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Caitlyn (cosplay League of Legends)

Caitlyn (cosplay League of Legends)

Cosplay Character: Caitlyn
Universe: League of Legends
Cosplayer: Nephie (Charlie Dodgson)
Photographer: Kattanzz

via Caitlyn (cosplay League of Legends) by ~eiphen on deviantART.

Doll of Sirène from Devilman

Doll of the demon bird Sirène from Devilman

Doll created by Hizuki Doll
Sirène from the Devilman series
Ball-jointed doll of about 115cm

via DZ40始まりました! | Hizuki doll blog.

Nidalee (League of Legends) Cosplay

Nidalee (League of Legends) Cosplay

Cosplay Character: Nidalee
Universe: League of Legends

Via Nidalee (League of Legends) Cosplay.

Ahri with chocolate

Ahri with chocolate - erotic illustration

Ahri, The 9 Tails Fox
League of Legends fanart
by Brian King (~LasterKing)

via Ahri with chocolate. by ~LasterKing on deviantART.

Cetonidae: Torynorhinna Flammae – Insect Lab

clock-work beetle

Cetonidae: Torynorhinna Flammae
Steel watch parts, gears, dials and winding knob
4"x4" dome

by Mike Libby

via Photos page 2 | Beetles | Collection | Insect Lab Studio.

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