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The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You

“This is the official music video for The Black Keys “Howlin’ For You.” The movie doesn’t actually exist.”

via The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You – Directed By Chris Marrs Piliero on Vimeo.

Ghana Movie Posters

“These movie posters were all created by artists in Ghana to promote traveling movie shows and sell tickets to bootleg screenings of various western and local movies.”

via Awesome Robo!: 70 Bootleg Movie Posters.

Pulp Poster Art by Reynold Brown

“Reynold Brown (b. William Reynold Brown in Los Angeles in 1917 – d. 1991) was a prolific American realist artist who drew many Hollywood film posters.”
via Reynold Brown — Poster Art — worx @ ShockBlast.

God Hates Astronauts – 7

You really, really, really should be reading Ryan Browne’s God Hates Astronauts.

A Beginning Or An End

surreal painting of a woman with a china plate shattering against her face

Eli Horn, A Beginning or an End, Oil on Linen, 24″ x 36″, via The Artwork of Eli Horn / A Beginning Or An End.

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