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Have a bathe by GraphicDream

Vector pin-up bather by GraphicDream

GraphicDream (IZUMI)is a digital artist in Tokyo. Working largely in vector using Adobe Illustrator CS, his work is inspired by the work of Hajime Sorayama.

‘Have a bathe’ was created in Adobe Illustrator CS2 using 2 reference photos

via Have a bathe by GraphicDream on deviantART.

Dark Matter/Dark Energy by Ona Pitschka

Dark Matter/ Dark Energy - graphic cosmology illustration

Dark Matter/ Dark Energy
Part of a final illustration thesis project titled Violent Cosmos. Consisted of graphic illustrations personifying various cosmological concepts in striking duo-tone compositions.
by Ona Zelda Pitschka

via Ona Pitschka – GALLERY.

Sinking Spheres by SPARTH (Nicolas Bouvier)

SPARTH - Sinking Spheres. 2013 personal artwork based on...

Sinking Spheres. 2013

personal artwork based on the use of squares, circles, and lines.

via SPARTH – Sinking Spheres. 2013 personal artwork based on….

King Kong V. Godzilla by *strongstuff

King Kong Vs Godzilla vector art poster

king kong v. godzillaby by *strongstuff
Giant japanese monster poster in vector by Tom Whalen

via king kong v. godzilla by *strongstuff on deviantART.

Tree Troll Illustration by `Adelaida

Tree Troll Illustration

Illustration Friday’s topic was "Giant" and this shapeless tree-something was what first thing that came into my mind. What I like the best in this picture is the troll’s face and all those greens compared with bright red and dark background. It looks quite nice, I must admit :B

By Aleksandra D. Chabros

via Tree Troll by `Adelaida on deviantART.


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