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Electus – Surreal 3D figurative art by Adam Martinakis

Electus - digital sculpture

Posted 12th October 2011
by Adam Martinakis

In his digital sculptures, Adam Martinakis takes generic three-dimensional human models, near mannequins, juxtaposing and intertwining the figures to elevate them to a surreal art. There is almost something old-school about his choice to relish the artificial and digital nature of it all, as he plays with unrealistic material effects and granularity to produce the most finished fragmented images. —S

via Electus.

Goldfinch by Kate O’Hara

GOLDFINCH - Kate O'Hara - biological Illustration

A personal fine art illustration, testing out a monochromatic color scheme.
by Kate O’Hara

via GOLDFINCH – Kate O'Hara Illustration.

Surreal Swedish Model by Sam Haskins

Swedish Model Surreal - November Girl - Sam Haskins

‘November Girl’ (1967), a photographic book by Sam Haskins was a tribute to love, loss, beauty and heart break. It includes some startlingly fresh takes on photographing the nude.

Via Winter Blues « Sam Haskins Blog.

“Pierced” Vinyl sculpture by Parra for Kidrobot

"Pierced" Vinyl sculpture by Parra

Vinyl sculpture of bird creatures necking

Dutch artist Parra shows a piercing necking between bird creatures in his 10-inch vinyl sculpture for Kidrobot.

via Juxtapoz Magazine – Parra x Kidrobot "Pierced" Vinyl sculpture.

Needlehead for Harvey Nichols by photographer Dimitri Daniloff

Needlehead for Harvey Nichols by Dimitri Daniloff, Photographer

advertising photography for Harvey Nichols
by Dimitri Daniloff

via Dimitri Daniloff Photographer.

L’intuition féminine by Lukás Kándl

L'intuition féminine by Lukás Kándl - cover of Dreamscapes 2009: Contemporary Imaginary Realism

L’intuition féminine by Lukás Kándl
on the cover of Dreamscapes 2009: Contemporary Imaginary Realism

Original painting:
180×130, oil on canvas, 2006

Via Dreamscapes 2009: Contemporary Imaginary Realism.


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