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Planet of the Storms – Russian movie poster

Russian movie poster - Planeta Bur - 1965

Постер фильма "Планета бурь"

Planeta Bur is a 1962 Soviet film directed by Pavel Klushantsev. The film is also known as Planet of the Storms, Planet of Storms, Planet of Tempests, Planeta Burg and Storm Planet.

via Постер фильма "Планета бурь" | RUSKINO.RU.

1970s artist renderings of NASA’s future space stations

Future space habitation by Donald E. Davis, 1975

Signed: Donald E. Davis 19/8/1975

In the 1970s, NASA’s Ames Research Center imagined what long-term settled life in space would be like on gigantic self-sustaining space stations.

Artists were assigned the task of visualising the possibilities based on technical data and specifications proposed and these stunning works resulted.

via Home among the stars: Wondrous 1970s artist renderings of NASA's future space stations where THOUSANDS would live | Mail Online.

Scientists are awesome! by David Maclennan

Anna Fisher - astronaut - by David Maclennan

Anna Fisher: astronaut and chemist, and the first mother in space.
Part of Scientists are awesome! A portrait series.

via Scientists are awesome! on the Behance Network.

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