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Devour by Christopher Jonasson

Investigation of worn-out fryingpans.

via Devour.

WildStar MMO‬ Cinematic

Blur Studio has unveiled its new CG game cinematic for Wilstar MMO at GamesCom 2011

Developed by NCsoft’s Southern California-based Carbine Studios, WildStar offers epic high adventure, where players make their mark as Explorers, Soldiers, Scientists or Settlers and lay claim to a mysterious planet on the edge of known space.

via Game Cinematic : ‪‪WildStar MMO‬.

Laser Towards Milky Way’s Centre

Very Large Telescope shooting a laser at the Milky Way

In mid-August 2010 ESO Photo Ambassador Yuri Beletsky snapped this amazing photo at ESO’s Paranal Observatory. A group of astronomers were observing the centre of the Milky Way using the laser guide star facility at Yepun, one of the four Unit Telescopes of the Very Large Telescope (VLT).

via File:Laser Towards Milky Ways Centre.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.


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