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The Moth and the Lamp – painting by Cesar Santos

Moth and the Lamp - painting

The Moth and the Lamp
by Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos is a Cuban-American painter. He is best known for images that transmit the impression of paintings of the past …

via The Moth and the Lamp | Cesar Santos.

Helium – Visions by Mark Zug

Helium by Mark Zug

by Mark Zug

The first of the Noble Gases, Helium is named from the Greek root helios, meaning sun. As a gas it is buoyant in air, entirely benign in the body, and does not freeze at any temperature we can devise. Her emission spectrum is a rosy vermillion. Helium is useful for scientific experiments into superconductivity — the absence of electrical friction — and as a liquid it is a superfluid which will climb the walls of its container to escape. She is effortlessly powerful, radiant, benevolent, and not a little “above it all.” The opposite number to Radon.

Via Mark Zug art and illustration – Visions, Lightly Fevered – Helium.

Frankie Morello – woman – Show F/W 11-12

Frankie Morello - womens collection

Frankie Morello fashions

Shoe hair-style

That hair styled like shoes that form bunny-ears is just bizarre and gorgeous.

woman 11 12

Mad (Wo)Man

A choreography of alternation is what is being staged by Frankie Morello today: if the femininity of the cuts nods to the sartorial tradition of the Fifties, the masculinity of the outerwear breaks the “tailored” mould of the volumes, which explode like abstract ideas;

via PoorLittleRichGirl and Frankie Morello – Collection – woman – Show F/W 11-12.

I’ll do shoes for the lady

Stilletto on cigarette by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

“I’ll do shoes for the lady who lunches, but it would be, like, a really nasty lunch, talking about men.” —Christian Louboutin
via From Me To You – I’ll do shoes for the lady who lunches, but it….

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