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“Pierced” Vinyl sculpture by Parra for Kidrobot

"Pierced" Vinyl sculpture by Parra

Vinyl sculpture of bird creatures necking

Dutch artist Parra shows a piercing necking between bird creatures in his 10-inch vinyl sculpture for Kidrobot.

via Juxtapoz Magazine – Parra x Kidrobot "Pierced" Vinyl sculpture.

Aeolesthes oenochrous by Studio Amatiz

Pin-up - Aeolesthes oenochrous by Studio Amatiz

Aeolesthes oenochrous
A human pin-up interpretation of a unique insect on the island of Tiwan
by Wang Chung Ru of Studio Amatiz

via Aeolesthes oenochrous by ~amatizking on deviantART.

Me Flashing by Reka Nyari

Self portrait with a flash light by Reka Nyari

Self portrait shoot at home.. Playing around with a flash light.

Via Me Flashing | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Blaue Blume Tea Service by Tina Tsang

Blaue Blume Sugar Bowl

Blaue Blume Sugar Bath is the essential component to the Blaue Blume tea service. Being the best selling product for 2 years running it makes a quirky gift. It features a pair of sexy legs as a spoon in a bath of sugar. Makes a great tabletop conversation piece.

Blaue Blume Tea Pot

Blaue Blume tea pot features crossed leg ladies legs as a teapot handle which are also able to daintily hold a tea bag string between them.It also has a cream and cheery top lid with sensuous body shape.Available in gold, red or black shoes or limited edition pink glaze.Handmade in London.Antique lace textures.Material: ceramic, 9k gold feet

Designed by Tina Tsang of Undergrowth Design

via Blaue Blume Tea Pot – UndergrowthDesign.

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