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“Pierced” Vinyl sculpture by Parra for Kidrobot

"Pierced" Vinyl sculpture by Parra

Vinyl sculpture of bird creatures necking

Dutch artist Parra shows a piercing necking between bird creatures in his 10-inch vinyl sculpture for Kidrobot.

via Juxtapoz Magazine – Parra x Kidrobot "Pierced" Vinyl sculpture.

Polaroid nudes by Ruben Reehorst

Polaroid nudes by Ruben Reehorst Photography

Female nudes also starring a classic Polaroid camera
by Ruben Reehorst

Via polaroidnudes – Ruben Reehorst Photography.

Kate Moss by Tim Walker for Love Magazine

Kate Moss nude with flowers

LONDON, UK, 2012
photographed by Tim Walker

Via Tim Walker Photography.

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