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Tiered Evening Dress, March 1951 by Norman Parkinson

Tiered Evening Dress, March 1951, Norman Parkinson

Known for his wonderful contribution to the fashion industry, photographer Norman Parkinson was renowned for his Vogue front cover shots. This stunning image was captured in March, 1951, showing a beautiful tiered evening dress being worn by an elegant model with a bunch of flowers placed on her lap. Scattered with extravagant jewellery and her hair neatly curled and swept back, this perfect picture oozes class and sophistication.

There’s little that is more elegant than a black and white photograph, and this classic from 1951 by photographer Norman Parkinson is truly a masterpiece of fashion photography. The body language is rich, the greys luminescent and the model exquisitely poised. This is the sort of photograph that can be aspired to, and modern photographers could learn a lot from it on the subject of sticking to the essentials. —S

via Tiered Evening Dress, March 1951, Norman Parkinson Print: 50cm x 40cm – Buy Online.

Calligraphy on Girls – Tania

Calligraphy on Girls - Tania

Calligraphy on Girls // Tania
Calligraphy: Senia aka “Pokras Lampas”
Photo: Alexandr Popov aka “el Nalima”
Video: Fierce Frog
Model: Tata Aleksandrovna
Make up: Veronika Kalinina

The idea of painting and writing on the nude human figure is a very old one, with traditional dance forms in Japan including it and even modern art forms taking up their mantle, from films to photography. This collaboration between calligrapher, model and photograpger produces some striking images, and the process is its own meditation. Typography meets body adornement. A fashion trend I’d gladly see taking over. —S

via Calligraphy on Girls // Tania | Facebook.

Susan Eldridge reading in bed by Terry Richchardson

Nude girl reading in bed - Susan Eldridge by Terry Richardson

Susan Eldridge reading a book, “Candy”, in bed. Shot by Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson has made a name for himself over the years by taking risqué pictures of fashion models and championing the head-on flash look as a now much sought after aesthetic. While some of his more stark fashion work is quite striking, it’s interesting to see that lighting style carried into more mundane settings. I this it works quite well, assigning a comfortable normalcy to a nude. —S

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Opiette by Opiette

opiette by opiette


Gorgeous self portait, this. — V

Anuschka by Martin Zurmühle

Anuschka on the Island of Lanzarote

Anuschka on the Island of Lanzarote

Anuschka on the Island of the Seychelles

Zurmuehle (Martin Zurmühle) on deviantART.

Swiss photographer Martin Zurmühle does a great job placing nudes in stunning natural backgrounds, in such a way that both complement each other. — V

Words Fail Me by dorkypyro

Words Fail Me by dorkypyro on deviantART

Words Fail Me by dorkypyro on deviantART.

Shaun Tia’s a prolific model with a very varied, high quality portfolio. You should definitely check it out! — V

Picking up Denni

Picking up Denni

Picking up Denni.

“Richard Branson Picking Up Women” is exactly the kind of tumblr that brings joy to our hearts, but this unusual picture (apparently the impromptu idea of the model’s husband while shooting Branson on his island) is easily our favourite of the current posts. — V

Paperclip computer – CT-650 computer trainer

Paperclip computer - CT-650 computer trainer

These are the retro stylings of a surviving example of the Arkay (later Comspace) CT-650 computer trainer, a historic computing device designed mostly as an educational tool and build almost entirely based on the plans in a book titled How to Build a Working Digital Computer.

How To Build a Working Digital Computer, published in 1968, provided instructions and plans for constructing a working digital computer out of household parts including paper clips for switches. The book can still be accessed in digital form at here:

via How to Build a Working Digital Computer… out of paperclips | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

Shore Vista Boat Dock @ Bercy Chen Studio: Architecture + Construction

First storey deck - Shore Vista Boat Dock

Outside view - Shore Vista Boat Dock

Shore Vista Boat Dock

Located on a bend in Lake Austin across from Canyonland Nature Preserve, the site is suggestive of the elliptical form that maximizes the beautiful views of the undulating hills beyond. The rounded edges of the dock peel away, allowing more of the landscape to be captured into the visual frame.

The setting, the simple forms, and the flair of the water feature make this quite the striking structure.

via Shore Vista Boat Dock @ Bercy Chen Studio: Architecture + Construction.

Surreal Swedish Model by Sam Haskins

Swedish Model Surreal - November Girl - Sam Haskins

‘November Girl’ (1967), a photographic book by Sam Haskins was a tribute to love, loss, beauty and heart break. It includes some startlingly fresh takes on photographing the nude.

Via Winter Blues « Sam Haskins Blog.


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