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1970s artist renderings of NASA’s future space stations

Future space habitation by Donald E. Davis, 1975

Signed: Donald E. Davis 19/8/1975

In the 1970s, NASA’s Ames Research Center imagined what long-term settled life in space would be like on gigantic self-sustaining space stations.

Artists were assigned the task of visualising the possibilities based on technical data and specifications proposed and these stunning works resulted.

via Home among the stars: Wondrous 1970s artist renderings of NASA's future space stations where THOUSANDS would live | Mail Online.

Space Suit of the Week

black and white photo of a space suit test

Test of a pressurized SPD-143 suit, suspended at an angle so the test subject can walk under gravity conditions similar to the moon’s.

The Fox Is Black » Space Suit of the Week.

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