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Angelica flowerhead pattern

Patterned Angelica flowerhead

View from below of Angelica flowerhead. The flowerhead is roughly spherical; each part is similar to the whole head in having a stalk and its own sphere of flowers.
Date: 27 May 2012
Author: Chiswick Chap

via File:Angelica flowerhead showing pattern.JPG – Wikimedia Commons.


Frost patterns

English: Ice-ferns
Deutsch: Eisblumen
Español: Escarchas en forma de flor
Français : Fleurs de givre

Author: Schnobby

via File:Frost patterns 3.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.

Ice crystallisation in a puddle

Ice puddle

Description: Iced puddle, Petertavy Great Common Geometric patterns in this frozen puddle by Peter Tavy Bridleway 23.
Author: Derek Harper

via File:Iced puddle, Petertavy Great Common – – 297780.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.

Paper Sculpture “Dasara” by Kevin Kidney

Indian elephant art - paper sculpture

"Ninth Day of Dasara"

Original paper sculpture illustration is Copyright © Kevin Kidney

Created for my gallery show at the LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ART & DESIGN

that ran October – December 2008

via Kevin Kidney Paper Sculpture "Dasara" | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Oil in Water by Shawn Knol

Just messing around one day, with my Canon Rebel XT DSLR.
Oil being poured into a cup of water.
Music by Bonobo // Recurringedit

I just put the camera on its’ lowest jpeg setting, placed the camera into continuous mode, and locked the shutter down with my wired remote. The oil is being dumped into a tall cylindrical glass, with about a cup of water in it. The whole thing is lit from behind by a diffused clamp light.

via Oil in Water on Vimeo.


Egg by Miharu Matsunaga

Egg by Miharu Matsunaga

松永美春 – HAMI
Designer, Artist, Photographer


Trixie figurine – Andrew Hickinbottom

Trixie production figurine

She was casted and hand painted at Ownage in Hong Kong and is made of a mix of polystone and urethane parts to maximise strength. I will personally sign the base of each figure and include a postcard sized print of Trixie.

Its been a long term ambition of mine to get a collectible of my own out there for sale. Im really pleased to see it happening!

Trixie 3D print

via CGPortfolio – Andrew Hickinbottom.

Cat in Petra

Close-up photo of a cat with the edifice of Petra looming behind it.

cat in petra
Antoine Taveneaux

via File:Cat in petra.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.


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