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jon mmmayhem as human scaffold

jon mmmayhem as human scaffold

sometimes i’m there to take pictures. sometimes i’m there so a 5ft tall photographer can climb me, naked, to get the angle she’s looking for.

starring myself, Laura Unbound, and Sadie Seuss.

via jon mmmayhem as human scaffold by ~jonmmmayhem on deviantART.

The Unicotter by ~jonmmmayhem

The Unicotter

Traditional Art / Drawings / Animals
©2007-2011 ~jonmmmayhem


via The Unicotter by ~jonmmmayhem on deviantART.

stamped by ~jonmmmayhem

Jess Hawk by jonmmmayhem

in the basement of Philadelphia Record Exchange.
starring Ms Jess Hawk.

via stamped by ~jonmmmayhem on deviantART.

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