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Frost patterns

English: Ice-ferns
Deutsch: Eisblumen
Español: Escarchas en forma de flor
Français : Fleurs de givre

Author: Schnobby

via File:Frost patterns 3.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.

Ice crystallisation in a puddle

Ice puddle

Description: Iced puddle, Petertavy Great Common Geometric patterns in this frozen puddle by Peter Tavy Bridleway 23.
Author: Derek Harper

via File:Iced puddle, Petertavy Great Common – – 297780.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.

Arctic Afternoon by Ishu Patel

Arctic Afternoon by Ishu Patel

Arctic late afternoon.
Cape Dorset, Canadian arctic | 1975
by Ishu Patel

What’s even more interesting for the photography buff is Mr. Patel’s write-up titled My Time With Henri Cartier-Bresson. Much for us all to learn from that.


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