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Surelee Joseph by Anushka Menon

Surelee Joseph photographed by Anushka Menon in silk scraves from Kundalini Arts

Vibrant silk and cashmere scarves from Kundalini Arts. shot by the photographer Anushka Menon and styled by Gautam Kalra.

Modeled by Surelee Joseph

via Feast your eyes | Facebook.

Helium – Visions by Mark Zug

Helium by Mark Zug

by Mark Zug

The first of the Noble Gases, Helium is named from the Greek root helios, meaning sun. As a gas it is buoyant in air, entirely benign in the body, and does not freeze at any temperature we can devise. Her emission spectrum is a rosy vermillion. Helium is useful for scientific experiments into superconductivity — the absence of electrical friction — and as a liquid it is a superfluid which will climb the walls of its container to escape. She is effortlessly powerful, radiant, benevolent, and not a little “above it all.” The opposite number to Radon.

Via Mark Zug art and illustration – Visions, Lightly Fevered – Helium.

Vikencia by Olga Zavershinskaya

Stone Age III by Olga Zavershinskaya

Covered by Olga Zavershinskaya

Wave by Armene - Olga Zavershinskaya

Photographer: Olga Zavershinskaya
Modelled nude in fabrics by Vikencia

via Armene Gallery.

Bandhani Fabrics – NorBlack NorWhite

Bandhani fashions - NorBlack NorWhite

Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya for NorBlack NorWhite.
Spring-Summer 2011 collection based on the Kutch region of Gujarat. Using bandhani (tie-dye practices) as the focus.

via NorBlack NorWhite | Vogue INDIA.

Corps en transparence derrière un voile léopard, photographie Pierre Joël

corps en transparence derrière un voile léopard

corps en transparence derrière un voile léopard, photographie Pierre Joël

via File:Art-corporel photo2.jpg – Wikimedia Commons.

metamórphosis by Fabio Stachi

Patricia Costa by Fabio Costa - metamórphosis

Photographer: Fabio Stachi
Model: Patricia Costa
Janeiro de 2010

via metamórphosis | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Marc Vanderloo by Txema Yeste

Marc Vanderloo shirtless with a piece of red fabric wind-blown against one side, by Txema Yeste

el pais / marc vanderloo
photos : txema yeste
art direction : povera studio @kasteel+agent

via el pais / marc vanderloo, art direction : povera studio @kasteel+agent, photos : txema yeste,.

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