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Electus – Surreal 3D figurative art by Adam Martinakis

Electus - digital sculpture

Posted 12th October 2011
by Adam Martinakis

In his digital sculptures, Adam Martinakis takes generic three-dimensional human models, near mannequins, juxtaposing and intertwining the figures to elevate them to a surreal art. There is almost something old-school about his choice to relish the artificial and digital nature of it all, as he plays with unrealistic material effects and granularity to produce the most finished fragmented images. —S

via Electus.

Goldfinch by Kate O’Hara

GOLDFINCH - Kate O'Hara - biological Illustration

A personal fine art illustration, testing out a monochromatic color scheme.
by Kate O’Hara

via GOLDFINCH – Kate O'Hara Illustration.

Escaping Sin by Dan Maynard

Escaping Sin by Dan Maynard

A woman is attempting to escape the keeper know as Sin, and her life a slave, but Sin is always seeking.

via Escaping Sin by ~DanMaynard on deviantART.

Animated illustration process – The Lucky Cat by Rebecca Mock

Animated illustration process - The Lucky Cat by Rebecca Mock

The Lucky Cat, progress post 1 (lines and blocking in shapes)

I’ve gotten a couple (very nice :D) questions regarding my process for my digital illustrations, so I thought I’d make a painting with the intent of showing the process. I’m using the lasso tool and shift key for a lot of this early stuff.

via Rebecca Mock Illustrates.

Harry Potter Poster – Making-Of Video

A process video of a poster design for the Silver Screen Society’s feature of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Illusration by Dominic Flask
Music: Hedwig’s Theme by John Williams

via Harry Potter Poster Process Video.

Under the Cherryblossom Tree by Zheng Xun See

Under cherryblossom tree - Zheng Xun See

Under cherryblossom tree
May 2009
Digital painting by

A girl and a basset hound relaxing under a cherry blossom tree.

via CGPortfolio – Zheng Xun See.

The Party – animated illustration by Rebecca Mock

The Party by Rebecca Mock

"The Party"
animation, personal

Rebecca Mock is a Brooklyn-based illustrator.

via A Party :

King Kong V. Godzilla by *strongstuff

King Kong Vs Godzilla vector art poster

king kong v. godzillaby by *strongstuff
Giant japanese monster poster in vector by Tom Whalen

via king kong v. godzilla by *strongstuff on deviantART.

Donkey Kong by *Ry-Spirit

Donkey Kong digital art by Ryan Shiu

Donkey Kong by *Ry-Spirit
Ryan “Ry-Spirit” Shiu is a Sydney based digital artist.

via Donkey Kong by *Ry-Spirit on deviantART.


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