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Lada Classic

Lada - classic Soviet car design

The Lada, a lasting symbol of Soviet-era utilitarianism. This image from the 1600LS brochure.

via Thumbcrumble | 40 years and the end of the road for Lada. (This is not a joke!).

UVproject by NoReason

Table fan - UVproject

Reel tape recorder - UVproject

Photography and Colours.

via UVproject on the Behance Network.

The Snake Pit – 1948

A Title Card Screen for the movie: The Snake Pit (1948)

A Title Card Screen for the movie: The Snake Pit (1948)

Via La fossa dei serpenti – The Snake Pit 1948 – CIAKHOLLYWOOD.

Caroline Corinth by Billy Kidd

Lick - Caroline Corinth by Billy Kidd

Caroline, what an amazing woman.… She can take on any personality.

via I was shot by Billy Kidd.: Caroline Corinth @ Ford.

Latex Babes of Estros

Latex Babes of Estros - Space Quest

(from the computer game space quest IV) the hero is in an underwater cave and as a complete miracle escapes the latex dressed babes.

via latex-babes-of-estros – Photos – boeina on Xanga.

Frolicking nymphs by Paul-Albert Laurens

The Sea Nymphs by Laurens

The Sea Nymphs

At at time when the portrayal of nude women as such was not permissible in public display, simply ensuring that the subject had a classical or mythological theme magically transformed them into an acceptable subject.

via The Seduction of Venus: Frolicking nymphs by Paul-Albert Laurens.

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