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Shore Vista Boat Dock @ Bercy Chen Studio: Architecture + Construction

First storey deck - Shore Vista Boat Dock

Outside view - Shore Vista Boat Dock

Shore Vista Boat Dock

Located on a bend in Lake Austin across from Canyonland Nature Preserve, the site is suggestive of the elliptical form that maximizes the beautiful views of the undulating hills beyond. The rounded edges of the dock peel away, allowing more of the landscape to be captured into the visual frame.

The setting, the simple forms, and the flair of the water feature make this quite the striking structure.

via Shore Vista Boat Dock @ Bercy Chen Studio: Architecture + Construction.

Hands on Deck by Matt Barnes

Hands on Deck by Matt Barnes

Hands on Deck

Photographer: Matt Barnes / Muses: Ryan Holbert, Arne Peterson, Hailie Maria, Yana Victoria / Hair & Makeup: Dee Daly / Assistant: Spenser Forrest / Producer: Tara O’Malley / Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

via Hands on Deck | Photographer & Muse | Photo Stories Curated by Think CONTRA.

Dean Cornwell

Blood Blue, by Dean Cornwell (1892-1960)

Golden Age Comic Book Stories.

Dasha in monochrome by Aleksey Chizhik

Dasha in chains by Aleksey Chizhik

dasha. pirogovo. dubrava 2010

Wet t-shirt in the mirror by Aleksey Chizhik

dasha. that will be with us.. 2010

Nude in the sky by Aleksey Chizhik

dasha in the sky. double exposure. 2010

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The Art of Seascape Painting

The Art of Seascape Painting, Illustrated by Albert Pucci

via Pucci10 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

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