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Reincarnation by Antonina Dolani

Katy Cee holding a white dove

Katy Cee and a herd of cows

Katy Cee dances next to a swan

Have you ever thought what is next after we die?
This editorial is my exploration of belief in reincarnation.

Photographer: Antonina Dolani
Stylist: Magdalena Pietraszko
Make up artist: Gosia Walus
Hair stylist: Julia Skjelbred
Model: Katy Cee

via Reincarnation on the Behance Network.

Marc Vanderloo by Txema Yeste

Marc Vanderloo shirtless with a piece of red fabric wind-blown against one side, by Txema Yeste

el pais / marc vanderloo
photos : txema yeste
art direction : povera studio @kasteel+agent

via el pais / marc vanderloo, art direction : povera studio @kasteel+agent, photos : txema yeste,.

Animated man ascending stairs – Muybridge

Muybridge man ascending stairs

Animated sequence of a man ascending stairs, photos taken by Eadweard Muybridge in 1884-85.

via File:Muybridge ascending stairs animated 2.gif – Wikimedia Commons.

Faceless fall first by *AmadaDelMundo

Masked woman falling on bed

Fairy-Tale contest 🙂
Smile Empty Soul – Faceless :music: [link]
model – Nastia
photo – me

via Faceless fall first by *AmadaDelMundo on deviantART.

Kusho by Shinichi Maruyama

High-speed photograph of a frozen moment as water and black-ink splash into each other

Kusho by Shinichi Maruyama, is a series of photographs of frozen interaction between black ink and water in the air. Splashes, drops, streams and torrents mixing and colliding.

Shinichi Maruyama.

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