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Japanese Youth In Revolt, 1964 by Michael Rougier

Japanese Youth, 1964 - LIFE Magazine

LIFE magazine published some previously unseen photographs by Michael Rougier, shot in Tokyo in 1964. The moody black and white picture capture a tribe of pill-popping rebellious youth. It’s an interesting time-warm to a time and a generation finding itself confined within a culture of traditional conformity.

via Visual Feed: Teenage Wasteland – Japanese Youth In Revolt, 1964 | Acclaim.

Lingerie & Swords

A Fashion Film for berlin based designer Thanh My Thai´s new Lingerie Collection.

Director: Frank Funke
DP: Jens Hallmann
MakeUp & Hair: Seçil Balamut
Models: Maria-Sophie, Lia Brucker

via Thanh My Thai 2011 on Vimeo.

Bandhani Fabrics – NorBlack NorWhite

Bandhani fashions - NorBlack NorWhite

Amrit Kumar and Mriga Kapadiya for NorBlack NorWhite.
Spring-Summer 2011 collection based on the Kutch region of Gujarat. Using bandhani (tie-dye practices) as the focus.

via NorBlack NorWhite | Vogue INDIA.

Bronze dui vessel with inlaid geometric cloud pattern

Bronze dui vessel

Description: Bronze dui vessel with inlaid geometric cloud pattern,Warring States period,found in Banjiugang,Zigui County,Hubei Province,China.Hubei Provincial Museum

中文: 嵌地几何云纹铜敦,战国时代,出土于湖北秭归斑鸠岗,湖北省博物馆藏。

via File:Bronze dui vessel with inlaid geometric cloud pattern.JPG – Wikimedia Commons.

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