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Matsya Kanyaka by Kanayi Kunjiraman

Matsya Kanyaka at Shanghumugham Beach

Matsya Kanyaka at Shanghumugham

This 35m long concrete sculpture of a mermaid “matsyakanyaka” on Shanghumugham beach in Kerala is by sculptor Kanayi Kunjiraman.

via Matsya Kanyaka at Shanghumugham | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Wrapped Garment – Jungeun Lee

“Wrapping synthetic fibre around a desired form or chosen objects fascinates me. Through a heating process, wound fibre transformes itself into a 3-dimensional moulded garment bringing expected and unexpected sculptural silhouettes.” — Jungeun Lee
via Wrapped Garment.

Making of “les baguettes”

A small making of Les baguettes, a resin statue from a painting of Hubert de Lartigue.
The figure is made By Attakus.
YouTube – Making of “les baguettes”.

Meet the Makers: Maurice Connolly

“Maurice Connolly built a 300 lb steel sculpture and dropped it off a cliff. He pitted his art against gravity, just to see what would happen.”
YouTube – Meet the Makers: Maurice Connolly.

Trixie figurine – Andrew Hickinbottom

Trixie production figurine

She was casted and hand painted at Ownage in Hong Kong and is made of a mix of polystone and urethane parts to maximise strength. I will personally sign the base of each figure and include a postcard sized print of Trixie.

Its been a long term ambition of mine to get a collectible of my own out there for sale. Im really pleased to see it happening!

Trixie 3D print

via CGPortfolio – Andrew Hickinbottom.

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